The rocks that make up my collection are mainly Peridotites, Peridotites with different degrees of serpentinization, Serpentinites and some Magnetites that over the years I have been collecting on my walks along the beaches and in the vicinity of the Rio Real riverbed in Marbella.

Big Heart

All of them were found on the surface and preserve the original state of rolling stones in which they were found, having been only slightly polished to obtain the shine that characterizes its microcrystalline structure. Only in some specific cases they have been hand-carved to mark the shape they remembered.

The name of the collection, LoveStones, comes from the heart shape of most of the rocks that make it up and although I couldn't say if that's what they look like because I unconsciously started looking for them that way, the truth is that nature accumulated a surprising number of them in this small corner of the world where I walk and that over time these stones have made me certain that the only thing that should move us is the love for the things we do and for ourselves, for those around us and for this wonderful land we live in.

In addition to Serpentinites from Marbella and as they are at the origin of my long relationship with stones, I include in my collection some rocks of different types that I consider remarkably curious, mainly because of their shape or the drawings they show, and were gathered many years ago along the sands of Tarifa and Lanzarote.

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